Two Nest Hub Deal for $100 is a Sweet Deal

Nest Hub

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Here’s the best Nest Hub deal just in time.

With days until your holiday shopping spree needs to end, the Google Nest Hub is available in its best promo of the season. You can buy two (2) Nest Hubs for $99.99 right now at Best Buy.

Why is that such a good Nest Hub deal? The Nest Hub by itself typically retails for $129. For several of the past holidays weeks, it has been at a $79 promo price when you buy it without a bundle. So no matter which way you do the math there, you can see the savings. Over normal pricing, that’s a savings of $158, but you are still saving $58 over holiday pricing.

To get the deal, hit up that link below and look for the deal link that says “Last chance! 2 Google Nest Hubs for $99.99.” Tap on that link and you’ll get a pop-up that allows you to add both for the $99.99 price.

Shop Nest Hub at Best Buy



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