Best Pixel 3a Deal of the Season is Here: $279 for 3a, 3a XL at $359 ($120 Off) (Updated)

Pixel 3a

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  • UPDATE 12/16: The $120-off discount is gone and the Pixel 3a and 3a XL are instead $100 off everywhere.

Plenty of retailers have slashed the price of the Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL since it debuted in May. Few go beyond the $100-off mark, though, as each phone is already reasonably priced and the margins there probably aren’t huge. Best Buy and Amazon don’t care about your margin thoughts and have dropped prices by $120, leaving us with best Pixel 3a deal of the season.

At $120 off, the Pixel 3a at Best Buy now starts at $279, while the Pixel 3a XL starts at $359. These are wild prices for a phone that was one of our favorite surprises of 2019. There may be a Pixel 4a in a few months, but the 3a line is still worth consideration, especially when discounted like this.

Remember, the Pixel 3a line is supposed to offer the best parts of the top tier Pixel line, only at a reasonable price. And it delivers on that. You get an excellent camera that no other $400 phone is going to match. You get the software support from Google, the clean Google user experience, and a design that certainly fits the Pixel family.

Best Buy still has all colors and sizes, but that could change. Amazon is already having stock issues. These are unlocked phones that work on all major US carriers. Time to last-minute shop!

Pixel 3a Deals: Amazon | Best Buy



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