Want Wide Angle on Your Pixel 4? Buy a Moment Case and 18mm Lens, Both Discounted Now

Moment Pixel 4 XL Case

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The industry-wide memo about all flagship phones for 2019 using wide-angle cameras must have slipped into Google’s spam folder because to the disappointment of many, the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL do not feature an extra wide lens. Instead, Google went with a telephoto lens as the secondary, leaving a big hole in camera flexibility.

All is not lost, though, thanks to companies like Moment who have just the right lens for all Pixel 4 owners to get those beautiful wide shots. Because it’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday, Moment is hosting a big sale on most of their online store, so you can get both a case and lens at some of the cheapest prices of the year. The ideal combo for you is probably the Pixel Photo Case and an 18mm Wide lens.

What is Moment? As far as I know, Moment was initially known just for making external lenses that you attach to iPhones, Samsung phones, and Pixel devices, but their online store is now sort of like the ultimate spot for mobile photog nerds to get all the gear they could ever need. Their online store (and social media coverage of it) features everything from bags and drones to gimbals, straps, and tripods. They even make a camera app. But in the end, I still know them as the company who makes really nice lenses that expand the capabilities of your phone’s cameras.

Moment Pixel 4 Photo Case

For the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL, Moment once again produced a Photo Case that can hold their line of lenses. The Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL Moment Photo Case comes in Walnut or Black Canvas and typically starts at $40, but is discounted right now to $23.99 ($16 off). That’s a great deal! Unfortunately, stock is quickly falling behind because of the sale, so ordering might mean having to wait a few weeks before you get to use it. It’s probably worth doing at those prices, though.

Shop Pixel 4 Photo Case ($39.99 $23.99)

Moment Lenses

For lenses, Moment offers a bunch that will all attach to the Pixel Photo Case. I recommended the 18mm wide lens above, because it should nicely expand the field of view on your Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL without doing a bunch of distortion that you might find from a fisheye or something in the ultra-wide lens category.

Moment offers 14mm and 15mm Fisheye lenses, 58mm Tele, macro lens, and that 18mm Wide. Every single one of them is one sale right now for this holiday shopping time.

Buy 18mm Wide at Amazon ($119.99 $89.99) [Moment Store]



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