Sonos Beam is Cheapest at Amazon Today ($100 Off, $80 Off Everywhere Else)

Sonos Beam

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Amazon undercuts everyone on Sonos Beam with $100 discount.

Earlier this year, Sonos finally pushed Google Assistant to select speakers after talking about doing it and then failing to do so for a number of years. Once they made it happen, their speakers immediately became more appealing to those fully invested in the Google smart home experience. Unfortunately, Sonos products are expensive and rarely discounted, but happen to be this weekend because of Black Friday.

The Sonos Beam, which is the TV soundbar from Sonos that does indeed have access to Google Assistant, is $100 off at Amazon at the moment. I’m not sure it’s supposed to be, since everyone else has it at $80 off, so maybe consider hurrying to buy it if it was on your list. I should specify that the black model is $100 off while the white model is $80 off.

What’s great about Beam? It comes in both white or black to match your home entertainment setup, is quite compact, and was built for TV and movie sound. It’ll sound decent with music too, but this really was built as a soundbar first, unlike most of their other speakers.

Sonos Beam has four woofers, one tweeter, 5 Class-D digital amplifiers, 5 far-field microphones (mute switch included), top touch controls, syncing with your current TV remote, an ethernet port, and WiFi.

It’s a sweet little unit that I personally own and love.

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