PNY’s Super Fast MicroSD Cards are Even Cheaper Than SanDisk’s for Black Friday

PNY 512GB Pro Elite

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SanDisk’s fastest Extreme microSD cards are super cheap for Black Friday, but PNY just went lower with their own comparable Pro Elite cards. You’ll find PNY 512GB Pro Elite A2 cards down to $69.99. That’s $10 cheaper than a similar card from SanDisk.

The difference here is a read speed bump on SanDisk’s Extreme (160Mb/s vs. 100Mb/s), but both are A2 rated for Android apps with a UHS-3 minimum transfer rating. These PNY cards also come with an SD adapter and should be able to handle 4K everything without a problem.

Want to spend less? PNY’s Elite-X line, which is equally as fast, is also heavily discounted, in some cases lower than SanDisk’s comparable Ultra line.

These PNY cards will be great additions to your Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S10, Note 10+, and other phone with SD card slot. Sorry, Pixel owners.

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