First AT&T 5G Maps Are Here

ATT 5G Cities

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AT&T is days away from launching its consumer 5G network in a number of cities. To celebrate the occasion, they released 5G coverage maps for each of the initial launch cities, as well as those that will go live shortly after. We love 5G maps!

To recap this 5G launch, AT&T is launching their low-band 5G network for consumers, which is different from the 5G+ (mmW) network currently only available to business accounts. The 5G+ network is insanely fast, but can’t penetrate a damn window, while this 5G network should reach for miles and give you a rock-solid connection.

The maps show just that too, a spread of 5G that covers entire cities and some of their outlying areas rather than a few streets in a metro area that 5G+ can reach. This 5G network for consumers might only provide a slightly faster network than your current 4G LTE connection, but that’s not necessarily slow. This is the backbone of the future of 5G, in a way.

To access these networks, you’ll need a specific phone from AT&T with low-band 5G capabilities. To start, AT&T will offer the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G on November 25.

Below, we’ve included all of the current AT&T 5G maps available.

ATT Birmingham 5G Map

ATT Boston 5G Map

ATT Bridgeport 5G Map

ATT Buffalo 5G Map

ATT Indianapolis 5G Map

ATT Las Vegas 5G Map

ATT Louisville 5G Map

ATT Milwaukee 5G Map

ATT New York 5G Map

ATT Pittsburg 5G Map

ATT Providence 5G Map

ATT Rochester 5G Map

ATT San Diego 5G Map

ATT San Francisco 5G Map

ATT San Jose 5G Map



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