Spark Email Gets Dark Theme on Android

Spark Email Android

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Spark, the 3rd party email option that a number of people switched to after Google killed off Inbox, is getting a dark theme today on Android. After being in beta for most of the week, the new darker skin should be available to everyone now.

The dark theme was done properly here, too. You get choices of dark or light themes as well as a system toggle that will automatically switch the theme depending on what you’ve set at the system level. This is the way everyone should implement a dark theme into their apps and its similar to how Google has done it with Gmail.

To find the theme switcher, hit that link below to update, then swipe out the side menu, tap Settings>Themes and make your choice.

Since Spark told me earlier in the week that dark theme was here, I actually switched to it again for the first time in months and man, I’m really enjoying it. I can’t recall why I didn’t stick with it after Inbox died, but I might this time. Anyone else still enjoying Spark?

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