Google News Gets New “Your News Update” Feature

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Google News is getting a new feature that aims to provide you with an audio news readout that is ever-evolving throughout your day. It’s a news update or briefing that learns because the day, your location, and interests are constantly changing.

The new feature is called “Your News Update” and you’ll find it by opening up Google Assistant, going into Assistant settings, and finding the News section. From there, you’ll be able to “Change your playlist format” to “Your News Update.” It might not be there this minute, so check back frequently over the next several days in the US.

So how does this differ or offer more than your current audio news update? Google says that it updates the news it’ll read to you “based on your interests, location, user history, and preferences, as well as the top news stories out there.” It starts out by playing a mix of short news stories after you say, “Hey Google play me the news.” If you keep listening, though, you’ll start to get longer-form stories, announcements over who the next article’s publisher is, and more.

As a bonus note, consider adding this “play me the news” option to a morning or evening routine.

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