Angry Birds AR Crashes Onto Google Play for ARCore Compatible Devices

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Do you miss Angry Birds? I didn’t, but since the franchise is focusing on futuristic technology, such as augmented reality, I can’t help but be a little giddy about trying this new title out.

Called Angry Birds AR: Isle of Pigs, this AR title is a new type of Angry Birds experience, one that can be laid out onto your own coffee table in the living room or maybe even onto the bathroom floor while you do your business. It’s not what I recommend, but nothing is stopping you, which is probably why people do it in the first place.

In this game, there are 40 levels of pig-filled AR craziness. Like the old games, you’ll use birds to destroy whatever the pigs have built on their precious little AR islands.

Any Google ARCore compatible device, plus any iOS Apple ARKit compatible device can download and play the game.

Have at it!

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