DEAL: GSM-Only Pixel 3 XL in Not Pink for Only $439 on Woot!

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International variants of phones can be tricky if you’re someone who shops different carriers or has Google Fi, but if you’re someone who is tied to either AT&T or T-Mobile, and want a Pixel 3 XL in what could be the least popular color available (just use a case!), this is a good deal.

Woot! is offering the International (GSM-only) model of the Pixel 3 XL (64GB) for just $439.99 and $489.99 for the 128GB model. Over on the Google Store, a regular US model of the Pixel 3 XL starts at $599.

Again, and we stress this so there’s no confusion, this is a GSM-only model, meaning you’ll only get LTE connectivity with T-Mobile and AT&T. If you’re on Sprint or Verizon, do not buy this phone.

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