Google’s New USB-C Titan Security Key Arrives Tomorrow for $40

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Today, Google announced an updated Titan Security Key, based on USB-C for use with newer devices that sport this particular port.

Supported by Android, Chrome OS, macOS, and Windows devices, Google describes this 2FA key as ideal for individuals who are at a higher risk of targeted attacks, such as activists, executives, politicians, and IT administrators.

We partnered with Yubico to manufacture the USB-C Titan Security Key. We have had a long-standing working and customer relationship with Yubico that began in 2012 with the collaborative effort to create the FIDO Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) standard, the first open standard to enable phishing-resistant authentication. This is the same security technology that we use at Google to protect access to internal applications and systems.

USB-C Titan Security Keys are built with a hardware secure element chip that includes firmware engineered by Google to verify the key’s integrity. This is the same secure element chip and firmware that we use in our existing USB-A/NFC and Bluetooth/NFC/USB Titan Security Key models manufactured in partnership with Feitian Technologies.

This new USB-C key will be available starting tomorrow for $40.

Google Store Link (Product Live Tomorrow)

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