Poll: Your Phone has USB-C, Right?

OnePlus USB-C

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Four years ago, OnePlus brought us the OnePlus 2 and included a USB-C port. I’m not sure that it was the first phone on the planet with USB-C, but the fact that they went for it before almost anyone else as an up-and-coming company in the spotlight – even if it was a faux-USB-C port – helped usher in the era of the reversible cable.

I sort of feel like we’re now at the point where everything we own should be USB-C and not microUSB. At the very least, our smartphones better have USB-C, as it is a standard feature in my opinion. Mid-range phones have USB-C these days. My Galaxy Buds charge over USB-C. Google WiFi uses USB-C. Computers often now only have USB-C ports.

So I’m just curious what the percentage looks like for DL readers and thought we’d run a poll – is your phone USB-C?

Your Phone has USB-C, Right?

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