There’s Something Off About These Galaxy Fold Reviews on Best Buy

Galaxy Fold

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I was taking a look at Galaxy Fold availability this morning and stumbled across the review section for the device on Best Buy. According to people who have bought this phone, the Galaxy Fold might be the greatest phone ever made, currently holding a 4.8 star rating. This sentiment is in direct contrast to the “expert rating” that Best Buy has listed at a solid 3 star rating.

Allow me to give you just a taste of what’s being posted to Best Buy. Keep in mind, a portion of these reviews are not yet verified purchases, according to Best Buy’s website.

Gageb928 — This phone is truly amazing, it is so convenient to have a tablet and a phone in one!! I also really enjoyed the Concierge service, it really helps to have peace of mind about this device!!

Kimichihotdog — What more can I say, the future is here! Phone, tablet all in one!

Viking — Great device. A glimpse of what future looks like.

Needs007 — The most innovative mobile device in decades. Moving forward, if the device can’t fold, I have no interest.

Cheyenne86 — I have waited for this phone for 3/4 years and was so happy to finally order and receive it.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with almost every single purchaser calling the Galaxy Fold innovative or saying that its the device of the future, even though at least one person was apparently waiting 3 to 4 years for it. I’m pretty sure I used all of those lines in my recent thoughts post. However, when you read a bit deeper into the consumer reviews across all the sites you can buy a Galaxy Fold (and you have fancied yourself a nice little tinfoil hat), you can’t help but wonder just a bit if a couple of these people got a hold of Samsung’s talking points.

In actuality, what I believe to be the case here is, buyers are reinforcing their $2,000 purchase with these reviews. The Galaxy Fold’s nearly perfect five star rating by consumers reads much different than the expert’s three star rating. What better way to further justify your own decision to purchase an expensive device than to say the “experts” were/are wrong.

The beautiful thing is, at the end of the day, so long as buyers enjoy the phone — which is definitely the most important thing — all is well in the world and who cares if their reviews sound like paid advertisements.



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