Instagram Launches Threads, Another Messaging App

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Sometimes, instead of building more features into an existing app, it’s easier to just create an entirely different app and have everything separate. That’s what Instagram did this week with the launch of Threads, a messaging/photo/video sharing app that’s close to a Snapchat knockoff.

When you open Threads, you’re taken to the camera for the quick snapping of photos and videos. You can then quickly share what you capture with your Instagram Close Friends, which is the feature that helps keep your real friends and just kinda¬†friends organized in the Instagram app. From the threads created, you can message, swap photos, and all that good stuff.

Mind you, Instagram’s built-in messaging service, called Direct, isn’t going anywhere. Threads is just an extension and more immersive messaging experience for those who want it. Does that make sense?

Go check it out.

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