Here’s Another Look at the Pixel 4 XL, Plus Camera Samples

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We’re getting to that point where it seems like every day there is going to be a new Pixel 4 leak, but if you’re down with that, today is another good day for you. Thanks to the folks over at Next Rift, we could be getting yet another look at Google’s upcoming Pixel 4 XL, along with a few camera samples that are published with comparisons to shots from a Galaxy S10+.

As you’ll see, these are high quality photos of the device, along with a look at some of the software found on the phone. There’s a look at Face Match, as well as Smooth Display.

Because we’ve seen plenty photos of this phone already, let’s take a moment to breakdown the photo comparisons. From what we see, the Pixel 4’s camera aligns with previous Pixel devices in terms of exposure and color, plus the way it handles contrast. It is very noticeable on the shot of the plant. On the Pixel, the colors are what I’d label as more lifelike, whereas the Galaxy S10+ has a tendency to saturate the heck out of greens and reds, as well as have higher levels of exposure. As someone who went from using a Pixel 3 XL every day to a OnePlus 7 Pro, and then to a Note 10+, you wouldn’t have to label these photos in order for me to tell you which phone took which shot. It’s as obvious as day versus night to me.

Pixel 4 XL vs. Galaxy S10+ 

Other than all that, though, this all looks like stuff we’ve seen before. I’m telling you, it’s going to be rough having to wait for Google to announce and subsequently release this phone so far from now.

Any new thoughts on what you’re seeing?

// Next Rift



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