Apple Pixel 4 Clone Event Live Blog!

Apple iPhone 11 Event

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Apple is announcing its Pixel 4 clone today! I believe it’s called the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI and probably is just like all other iPhones, which means it’ll absolutely give owners of it a gross sense of entitlement and faux elite status over you, the Android user. It’ll help their shallow egos thrive, their weeping souls smile on the outside, and let them sustain their blue bubble status as the superior human.

An event will help Apple usher in this new era, so we will do as we always do – live blog it. It’s sort of sad to say, but we don’t live blog anything else anymore because of reasons. There’s just something about an Apple event that brings the best out of us, though. And you. You help make these live blogs quite the experience too.

What time is the Apple iPhone 11 event?

The event kicks off at 10AM Pacific (1PM Eastern). For some reason, Apple isn’t requiring you to install Safari and use it the 1 day it requires you to each year and is instead hosting the video on YouTube. We’ve embedded that below, so that you can watch it as a normal person.

Prepare for sarcasm. Prepare to not take any of this seriously. If you do, and you are the guy on Twitter getting mad at us today, we’ll probably laugh at you. Know that.



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