Pixel Owners, Did You Run Into Problems Installing Android 10?

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According to multiple Pixel device owners on Google’s product forum, installing Android 10 wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences.

Apparently affecting owners of the original Pixel all the way to the newest Pixel 3a models, devices would get hung up for varying amounts of time during the boot-up that happens after downloading and installing the update. Users were waiting anywhere from a typical 10 minutes to 4+ hours for the boot to finish.

Considering these are Pixel owners, the type of people who appreciate the importance of timely Android updates, we imagine this was rather frustrating.

According to a “Product Expert” on the forums, Google is aware of the issue and it’s being looked into.

Potential Fixes

Now, let’s say you run into this problem on your Pixel device. There are a few of ways to fix it, one being much easier than the other. If you’re running into very long boot-up times, you can download the OTA file and sideload it via Recovery Mode, essentially restarting the process from scratch. If you have more time on your hands, you can apparently reboot the phone seven times, which will revert you back to Android 9. That seems to be the trick most Pixel owners on the forum are using. For added clarity, the process is hold down power > restart > hold down power > restart > 7x. If you have Saint-like patience, you can always try waiting it out, too.

Did any Pixel owners here experience this problem installing Android 10? Coming from the beta, I didn’t have this issue on my Pixel 3 XL.

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