Google Assistant is Almost Ready to Scan Your Face

Google Assistant Face Match

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When the Google Nest Hub Max arrives here shortly (maybe on September 9), it’ll be the first Google device to utilize the Face Match feature for Google Assistant. To prepare for that device’s arrival, Google Assistant is already offering up the opportunity for you to provide your face data to Google.

Similar to Voice Match, only with your face in place, Face Match will use your mug to recognize that you’ve entered a room and might want relevant info to your life displayed on something like the Nest Hub Max. Should there be multiple people in your household, a variety of faces could pull up different info (calendars, video messages, etc.), which is both futuristically cool and scary af.

For now, if you head into Google Assistant settings, you’ll find the Face Match option just under Voice Match. If you try and setup your face info, you probably can’t at this time. As you walk through the tutorial, Face Match will try and find a supported device, which don’t exist yet in the wild unless you are a Googler who gets the goods early.

Soon, though, you’ll be able to freely hand your face over to Google. You ready?

Google Assistant Face Match

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