Nest Doorbell Cams Can Detect Package Delivery Now

Nest Hello

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If you own a Nest Hello, the Nest doorbell camera first released in March 2018 (review!), you can set it to detect packages upon delivery.

The new feature arrives today and is powered by machine learning. The basics here are that your Nest Hello is smart enough and has seen enough packages or been taught what a package likely looks like, that it will know when one is sitting on by your door. So when the delivery man shows up, you might not just get a person notification, but one that tells you about the object they just left behind too.

In order to get package alerts from your Nest Hello, you’ll need a Nest Aware subscription. Nest Aware is the paid service that adds additional features to your Nest cameras, like 24/7 recording, multi-day video history, activity zones, etc. Package detection now joins the list of what you get with Aware. Nest Aware starts at $5/mo per device and goes up to $30/mo. You can sign-up for Nest Aware here.

Already have Nest Aware and want to turn on package alerts? Head into the Nest app, tap Settings, select your Hello, select Notifications, and then look for a box next to “Packages” to turn it on/off.

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