The OnePlus TV is Called…OnePlus TV


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OnePlus announced last September that they were planning to make and sell a smart TV that you could submit name suggestions for. Should your name be chosen or make it in the top 10 of possible names, OnePlus was ready to reward you with fabulous prizes, including a free TV and round trip vacation to the OnePlus TV launch event.

Today, OnePlus revealed the name of the OnePlus TV and it’s…well…just going to be called OnePlus TV. The name you probably assumed would be its name from day 1 and the name OnePlus used in its announcement post about the competition for naming it, is the TV’s name. OnePlus TV. That’s it.

In a forum post that revealed this official name, OnePlus thanked everyone for their suggestions, but in the end, went with the name that helped them be “true” to their core values. I have no idea if anyone is getting any prizes.

The post also talked heavily about the official logo design (below), but it’s not bed time yet and I’ll spare you from falling asleep at your work desk. If that sort of thing interests you, hit up that link.

OnePlus TV logo

// OnePlus



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