Google Agrees to Pay $7.25 Million to Settle Pixel Class Action Lawsuit

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Another day, another class action settlement. For anyone who purchased an original (first generation) Pixel or Pixel XL, you may be eligible to part of a $7.25 million settlement from Google.

According to the lawsuit, plaintiffs allege that Pixel and Pixel XL units manufactured before January 4, 2017 suffer from a defect that leads to microphone or speaker failures. The defendant, Google, denies the allegations but has agreed to pay the $7 million+ to settle the case.

Now, we know many of you here may have owned an original Pixel and you’re probably curious about how you can get a piece of this settlement, maybe even if you didn’t experience audio issues on your device. Well, here’s the complete money breakdown for the $7.25 million.

If you experienced the alleged audio problems described above on your first-generation Pixel or Pixel XL, you are eligible to get more money than if you did not experience those problems. After the claims deadline, the Settlement Fund will be paid out as follows. First, money will be set aside to pay up to $20 to each person who did not experience the alleged audio defect or who cannot provide any documentation to show that they experienced it. Second, people who paid an insurance deductible to receive a replacement Pixel will be refunded the amount of the deductible. Third, people who experienced the alleged audio defect on more than one Pixel will be paid $500 each. Fourth, people who experienced the alleged audio defect on one Pixel will be paid $350 each, unless there is not enough money left to make those payments, in which case the rest of the fund will be distributed to them on a pro rata basis.

So, if you can prove that you had issues, via an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) or any type of repair receipt, you’ll be getting money. If you can’t provide proof, you’re still eligible for money, just not very much.

If any of this affects you, you can follow the link below and simply hit the orange “File Claim” button in the top left corner. Should you have questions, there is a very detailed FAQ available.

Pixel Settlement Link

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