Motorola AX Home Phone Has Built-In Alexa, Costs $99

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If you need to upgrade all of the dumb things in your house to smart things, the home phone seems like a good place to start. Typically, home phones take up valuable counter space, and if all they’re doing is connecting you to the outside world via a telephone cable, that space may be underutilized. Thanks to the new Motorola AX series, you can get a new home phone that has Amazon’s Alexa built-in.

According to SGW Global, the company who made the device and slapped Motorola’s name on it, the product is very easy to use. Thanks to a dedicated Alexa button, you simply lift the phone off the dock, tell the phone who to call, and then your existing landline is used to place the call. Additionally, if you specify to call someone’s Echo device, it can call that, too.

Of course, Alexa being onboard offers a whole lot past making calls. Users can control aspects of their smart home, ask questions, access Alexa skills, and plenty more just by talking to the phone.

The phone is available for purchase right now, priced at $99.

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