There are so Many Great Alternatives to Shouting “Hey Google” at Google Assistant

Google Home

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The “Hey Google” and “OK Google” commands have always been hit or miss for me. I can’t tell if that’s because I speak weirdly or if Google just hates me, but a reddit thread with alternatives to those two commands has me ready to take back control of my Google Home and Google Assistant devices.

To be clear, you can’t change the hotwords for Google Assistant, we’re talking about using similar phrases that trick Google into thinking you are saying “Hey” or “OK Google.”

For example, “Cocaine poodle” is a fantastic option that fires up Assistant almost every time. “Hey Boo Boo,” in your best Yogi Bear voice is bound to bring useful laughter. Someone in that thread below recommended “OK Pooper,” which oddly works. I’m a fan of “Egg Noodle” or “Hey Doogle” too. “Eggo Waffle” supposedly works, but I’ve had no luck.

Until Google gives us the power to control Google Assistant with our own phrases, these will have to do.

Any other alternatives we should know? Anything creative or fun to get us off the classic, obnoxiously inconsistent “Hey Google?”

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