Time to Get That Nexus 6P Class Action Money, so Check Your Spam Folder

Nexus 6P

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Back in April, we shared info from a class action lawsuit that had been brought against Google and Huawei over issues (bootlooping and battery drain) that plagued the Nexus 6P, the flagship phone the two released in partnership back in 2015. At the time, Google and Huawei had agreed to pay a settlement to owners of the phone up to $400 depending on the issues they experienced. Yesterday, owners of the Nexus 6P were given the opportunity to file a claim from the settlement.

Just to be clear, not everyone is entitled to $400 from this settlement. While the lawsuit does cover anyone who “purchased a Nexus 6P smartphone, other than for resale, between September 29, 2015 and May 3, 2019,” you’ll have to show documentation of issues to get anywhere near $400. The two issues included in this settlement are battery drain and bootlooping.

Here’s the quick-and-easy details to know. The email is titled “Nexus 6P Settlement Information” and the website for the lawsuit is www.Nexus6PSettlement.com. If you received the email, you’ll have your own claim link that when clicked will prefill a lot of your details to help you “collect your recovery in just a few minutes.”

If you owned a Nexus 6P, you should probably check your spam folder for the email that directs you to file a claim. Mine was in my spam folder, as were emails to at least two other people I know who owned the 6P. Gmail isn’t a fan, clearly.

How much money will you get? Again, that depends on what your experience with the Nexus 6P was. The full details can be found at this link, but to get $400, you’ll need to show proof that you experienced bootlooping and/or battery drain on multiple devices. That means documentation that “is not limited to, photographs, screenshots, emails, customer service chat logs, repair records, insurance claims, Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) confirmations, or other credible contemporaneous evidence of alleged ‘bootloop’ or ‘battery drain.'”

If you only experienced bootlooping on a single device, you could still get up to $325. If you had battery drain issues, you could get up to $150. If you didn’t experience either of these issues, but did own a Nexus 6P, you could still get up to $10.

To be a part of the settlement, you need to submit a claim before September 3, 2019. If you owned a Nexus 6P, by no means do you have to participate in this settlement. Also, a court apparently still needs to decide on whether or not to approve the settlement, even as claims are now being submitted.



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