Samsung has Plans for 100W USB-C Chargers

Samsung Fast Charger

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Fast charging is arguably one of the greatest mobile inventions of recent years. Speeding up the time it takes to charge your phone, which more than likely still to this day has poor battery life, is a rare game-changing type of feature. And we’ve seen charging speeds get faster, while remaining safe. Just look at what OnePlus is doing. Samsung is now ready to get in on the next level of charging too.

Today, Samsung announced two new USB-C power delivery (PD) controllers, SE8A and MM101, both of which will be able to handle 100W charging (20V / 5A). They feature embedded Secure Elements to add a layer of security, as well as eFlash, so that their software can be modified to meet the latest charging specifications.

These new controllers meet USB-PD 3.0 standards, so they’ll be able to charge or power everything from your smartphone to tablets, laptops, and monitors.

Will Samsung push 100W charging to your next phone? That’s tough to say. What we’re likely looking at are chargers that’ll be able to push 100W, but only on compatible devices.  I’m not sure we have a phone yet that can handle that much fire.

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