Google Announces More Ads for Your Favorite Mobile Services

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Ads play a major part in our internet. It’s sad, but true. Anyone who pays attention knows that ads are a major part of Google’s core business and with that being said… announced today, you will soon be seeing a lot more ads inside of Google’s most used services on mobile, such as Google Images, Discover, and YouTube. 

What’s funny about Google’s announcement is that it’s written in such a way as to impress both advertisers and consumers, but we know anyone who isn’t already a fan of ads isn’t going to be very fond of these new ad placements. However, do note that Google intends on delivering a very nice ad experience in these cases. 

According to Google, consumers expect useful, swipeable, and visual experiences from their ads.

Today, shoppable ads on Google Images allows you to highlight multiple products within your sponsored ad. We’re also bringing Showcase Shopping ads—a highly visual ad format that incorporates rich lifestyle imagery—to even more surfaces like Google Images, the feed on Discover, and soon YouTube, places where we know people are looking for inspiration and ideas.

As an example, when using Google Images for certain things like living room furniture, you may come across a gallery ad that can be opened and explored. Since Google tracks these searches, you may then find an ad for something related inside Discover. And because Google really wants to ensure you’re being served relevant content, you’ll also see ads when browsing videos on YouTube. 

It appears that ads for Google Images and Discover are already rolling out, but the new ads in YouTube are “coming soon.” 

Just FYI!

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