Verizon Open Enrollment is Here if You Want Phone Protection Coverage


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When you buy a new phone from Verizon, they’ll ask if you want to add one of their various protection plans. Those plans will help with costs associated with cracked screens, warranty replacements, out-of-warranty replacements, etc. If you don’t sign-up right away, you typically won’t be able to add coverage later on down the road unless an open enrollment period is active. Right now, one of those open enrollment periods is active.

From now until mid-June, you can add a protection plan from Verizon onto your phone. They still offer four of them: Total Mobile Protection (TMP), Total Equipment Protection (TEC), Wireless Phone Protection (WPP), and Extended Warranty. The chart below shows you how much each costs per month.

Verizon Protection Plans

What’s the difference between each? The level of protection and types of items that are covered. You can see a full breakdown through that link below, but the costs above are a good indicator over which offers the most features.

I will say that Verizon’s Total Mobile Protection, which is the plan they’ll push and push and push on everyone, is a borderline scam. I say that because there is no difference between it and Total Equipment Coverage except for access to a “Tech Coach” in TMP. All of the coverage is identical, but you’ll pay $5 per month to be able to access a “personalized” Verizon support rep that’s based in the US. My assumption here is that Verizon will sucker customers into thinking they need a personal coach, knowing the person will never (or rarely) use it while they pocket the extra $5/mo for years.

Anyways, if you need coverage, hit the link below and decide which matches up to your needs.

Compare Verizon Protection Plans



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