A “Pixel 4” Mention!

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Almost a year ago to the day, a Googler slipped up and mentioned the “Pixel 3” for the first time at the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). This was the first slip-up or acknowledgement about upcoming phones outside of the codenames we leaked months earlier, but certainly set off a wave of additional outings of 2018’s Pixel phones. Today, the first “Pixel 4” chatter at AOSP is here.

In a comment through a commit about a “false positive KASAN warning,” we see someone mention that they were deploying a patch for this false positive warning on a Pixel 3, with plans to do something similar on a Pixel 4 should they get their hands on one. The details there don’t actually provide much, in case that wasn’t obvious, we just care that someone at Google mentioned “Pixel 4.”

Pixel 4

What else can we take from this? Not much, really. If anything, it’s at least more substantial evidence of a Pixel 4 than those conceptual renders everyone passed around as being something legit a couple of weeks ago. This could mean that the first big wave of Pixel 4 leaks is close if devices are in the hands of engineers or developers.

Last year, after the Pixel 3 AOSP sighting, we got a picture of screen protectors  in May that turned out to be legit, followed by a first hands-on leak in June.

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