You Need These Wallpapers That Embrace Your Galaxy S10 Display Cutout

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I mentioned this in my full Galaxy S10+ review this week, and folks like MKBHD have been good to showcase many of them, but did you know there is an entire community of people dedicated to making wallpapers that embrace the display cutouts found the Galaxy S10 lineup? It’s a beautiful thing.

Let me take you on a stroll through the possibilities using my S10+. With each example, I’ll link you to where you can find the wallpaper for your own device.

There’s this Bender.

There’s this submarine’s periscope and alien spaceship.

There’s this gorgeous use of dark space.

There’s this Spider-Man.

There’s this WALL-E and EVE.

There’s this look inside your phone and paint drips.

There’s this adorable sloth.

There’s even this Darth Vader. Scary.

Only one of the wallpapers shown above is truly compatible with the Galaxy S10 and S10e, but don’t fret, there are specific designs made for them, too. I highly recommend you check out the Galaxy S10 Wallpapers community on reddit. A lot of creative people in there! Here’s a few links for the Galaxy S10 to get you started, and don’t forget, Samsung’s dedicated Themes app has a whole section of wallpapers dedicated to embracing the cutout.

Have a cool wallpaper that embraces the cutout you’d like to share with us? Post it below!



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