20+ Galaxy S10, S10+, & S10e Tips and Tricks!

Galaxy S10 Tips and Tricks

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I hope you have a drink and snack ready, because our Samsung Galaxy S10 tips and tricks video is here and it’s insanely long. This might be our longest, most in-depth Samsung software tour to date.

In this video, we cover all of the Galaxy S10 models, with a focus on the Galaxy S10+ (unboxing) and Galaxy S10e (unboxing). Since the software experience of One UI is so similar between the three S10 family members, this should cover you no matter which model you own.

You’ll see everything in this video from getting lock screen and biometrics setup going to which camera features are worth acknowledging. You’ll also find home screen customization tips, how to use the new One UI app switcher, which of the device are options you should utilize, and whether or not Bixby Routines are useful (hint: they are).

Again, this is a big video, so take your time with it. It covers a lot – almost everything your Galaxy S10 can do.



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