Poll: Screen Protector or Nah?

Screen Protectors

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Big news this morning, folks – Samsung is going to include a factory pre-installed screen protector on all variants of the Galaxy S10. OnePlus did the same thing with the OnePlus 6T and likely for the same reason as Samsung. Since these new phones have in-display fingerprint readers, these companies only trust their own in-house protectors to work properly with them. They also want you to buy them at $29.99 a piece because 💵.

Anyways, this news got me digging in our older polls to see if we’ve ever asked the DL community if screen protectors are in or not. As it turns out, we’ve never done a poll on this subject. I don’t how that is possible, but we are changing that today!

Readers of this fine website, are you down with screen protectors? Do you use them on your phones? Do you leave the pre-installed, super icky plastic ones on devices? Do you buy fancy glass protectors for that extra, extra protection? Or do you fly naked?

Screen Protector or Nah?

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