Galaxy S10 Availability, Pricing, Deals: All Carriers, Up to $1600

Galaxy S10 Pricing Availability

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Have you decided to buy one of the many Samsung Galaxy S10 phones that were introduced today? Curious as to how much you might pay? We’ve got pricing for you.

When the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10+, and Galaxy S10e go up for pre-order tonight, all of the major carriers will be ready to sell you one. Samsung will be ready too, possibly with the best deal, thanks to a $550-off trade-in promo. But how much will you pay? That depends on phone, storage, and finish.

Samsung Store

Here is the Galaxy S10 family pricing breakdown from Samsung’s own store:

  • Galaxy S10e: 128GB/6GB – $749.99
  • Galaxy S10e: 256GB/8GB – $849.99
  • Galaxy S10: 128GB/8GB – $899.99
  • Galaxy S10: 512GB/8GB – $1149.99
  • Galaxy S10+: 128GB/8GB – $999.99
  • Galaxy S10+: 512GB/8GB – $1249.99
  • Galaxy S10+: 1TB/12GB – $1599.99

Those prices at Samsung’s store apply across all carriers, as well as the unlocked units. Samsung is selling the phones with no price differences should you choose Verizon or AT&T or T-Mobile or unlocked. That hasn’t always been the case with past Samsung releases, so it’s worth noting here.

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Want to go through a carrier instead of Samsung’s store? That’s cool. We’ve got that pricing too.


  • Galaxy S10e: $31.24/mo for 24 months [BUY]
  • Galaxy S10: $37.49/mo for 24 months [BUY]
  • Galaxy S10+: $41.66/mo for 24 months [BUY]


  • Galaxy S10e: $25/mo for 30 months [BUY]
  • Galaxy S10: $30/mo for 30 months [BUY]
  • Galaxy S10+: $33.34/mo for 30 months [BUY]


  • Galaxy S10e: $20.84/mo for 36 months [BUY]
  • Galaxy S10: $22.23/mo for 36 months + $99.99 down [BUY]
  • Galaxy S10+: $22.23/mo for 36 months + $199.99 down  [BUY]


  • Galaxy S10e: $31.25/mo for 18 months
  • Galaxy S10: $37.50/mo for 18 months
  • Galaxy S10+: $41.67/mo for 18 months


This wouldn’t be a Samsung release without all sorts of deals depending on the carrier or which phone you buy. This year, we have BOGO deals, free Galaxy Buds, and more.


  • $550-off Trade-in: Trade-in a phone to Samsung when you order and get up to $550 off.
  • Free Galaxy Buds: Preorder a S10 or S10+ and redeem free Galaxy Buds ($129.99 value)


  • BOGO Deal: For a limited time, purchase a Galaxy S10e, S10 or S10+ on Verizon device payment and get S10e 128 GB free, or $750 towards a more expensive Galaxy model
    • At least one line new line of service required
    • Discount is applied via 24 monthly credits
    • No plan requirement; no trade-in required
  • Free Galaxy Buds: Preorder a S10 or S10+ and redeem free Galaxy Buds ($129.99 value)


  • BOGO Deal: For a limited time, customers who purchase a Galaxy S10 128GB, S10+ 128GB or S10e from AT&T can get a second device for free.


  • 4 Lines: Four unlimited lines plus four new Galaxy S10e phones included for $40 per line per month on T-Mobile Essentials when you add a voice line or trade in an eligible device per line with AutoPay after monthly bill credits 
  • Trade-in Credits: Up to $620 or more via bill credits when you trade in an eligible device AND add a voice line
  • Half off: Half off the S10e and up to $390 off the S10 and S10+ with trade in OR a new line


  • Sort-of-BOGO: Preorder Samsung Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 or Galaxy S10+ and get a second Galaxy S10e on Sprint
  • Free Galaxy Buds: Preorder a S10 or S10+ and redeem free Galaxy Buds ($129.99 value)

Other Deals

  • Best Buy: Save up to $650 off Galaxy S10 family
  • Best Buy: Preorder a S10 or S10+ and redeem free Galaxy Buds ($129.99 value)

Again, pre-orders open tonight at midnight (February 21, 12:00AM). If you are on the west coast, you should start refreshing sites at 9PM.

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