Nanoleaf’s Ridiculously Cool Canvas Light Squares Now Up for Pre-Order

Nanoleaf Canvas

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Without a doubt, one of the coolest products we saw at CES earlier this year was Nanoleaf Canvas. If you’ve been waiting for the light squares to finally arrive, that time has come. Pre-orders are now open.

What is Nanoleaf Canvas? You probably know Nanoleaf from their triangular light panels that light up everything from YouTube videos to DL Trivia during our weekly podcast. They are colorful smart lights that can be arranged in patterns, controlled by Google Assistant, synced to music, and more. They just look cool.

Nanoleaf Canvas is the next version, only it has been massively upgraded. With Canvas, you get coloroful squares, so the arrangements on your wall can be made much easier. In addition to the shape change, they are touch sensitive and can be activated by touch commands. You can set schedules too, or tell Google Assistant to control them. If you are into decorative lighting, this is your next buy.

Pre-orders open now with a starting price set at $249.99 for a set of 9 squares. There are bundles with more squares, as well as extension kits ($79.99). Delivery is expected by December 14.

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