Verizon Now Lets You Buy Multiple Phone Numbers for $15/mo

Verizon My Numbers

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Verizon introduced a new service today called Verizon My Numbers. The whole idea of this monthly add-on is to let you add up to 4 extra phone numbers to your phone without actually needing an entirely separate line, like you would in the past. Let me try to explain that.

With Verizon My Numbers, you have your normal phone number that’s attached to your account, but what if you want a separate business line or for that “side hustle,” yet don’t want to pay for a separate line that could cost $30 or $50? My Numbers is an app that lets you pay $15/mo per number to have access to another phone number or 4 on your phone.

Verizon says that the messages and calls to those other numbers are all synced across up to 5 smartphones that have the My Numbers app, plus you can customize the name, icon, notification and ringtones for each number. You can setup auto-reply on them and mute calls during do not disturb hours, as well.

What else should you know? You can’t place international calls with a My Number number and voicemails to them arrive in the My Numbers app as an audio file. Oh, and yeah, everything happens through the My Numbers app, not through your normal dialer, if you couldn’t gather that.

If you want to sign-up, you can right now.

Google Play Link | Verizon My Numbers Sign-Up

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