Call of Duty Companion App Released for Black Ops 4, Tracks Your MP, Zombies, and Blackout Stats

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For anyone who has started the Black Ops 4 grind, an official Call of Duty Companion App is now available on Google Play. This app, as of right now, is specifically catered to the BO4 title, complete with sat tracking across all of its Game Modes. That includes Multiplayer, Zombies, and Blackout.

Right now, the app is very basic. With it, you can track your stats, such as Win-Loss Ratio and Kill-Death Ratio, but according to the app, more features are on the way. In the future, this app will offer Custom Class editors, something that has been available from CoD Companion apps in the past.

One feature I’d like to highlight is a KDR Heat Map for every single Multiplayer map. With this, you can create what’s essentially a game plan in your mind of where you dominate and where you don’t do so well on any given map. For example, I don’t do very well on the backside of B bomb site for Firing Range. Because I tend to use a shotgun or AR in Search and Destroy, I always seem to get outplayed by SMG players in that part of the map. It’s something to keep in mind.

To use the app, simply download it to your phone, then log into your account.

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