Heads-Up: You Can Still Type in Google Assistant Even if the Keyboard Button Disappeared

Google Assistant Keyboard Input

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Google Assistant picked up a keyboard input option well over a year ago, giving those of use who may not like talking out loud to Google a way to get help with daily tasks. In a recent update (possibly just in a Google app beta build), for whatever reason, the keyboard shortcut disappeared. I just wanted to point out that it’s still there, just not visible.

When you fire up Google Assistant today, you’ll see the typical Assistant pop-up that starts listening for your every command. In the bottom left, you should see a Google Lens icon. On the bottom right, where they keyboard shortcut used to be, you’ll see nothing. However, if you tap in that right corner, the keyboard will pop-up allowing for input.

I point this out because we often see changes move from beta to stable and if that should happen here, I want you to know that you’ll be OK. If you are on stable and not the Google App beta, feel free to ignore this…for now.

That’s all.

Cheers James!



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