LG VP Talks 5G Plans for 2019, Possibility of Foldable Phone

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In a discussion with reporters there to cover the V40 ThinQ launch, Jae-Hwan Hwang, an LG vice president, discussed 5G plans for 2019 and the possibility of a folding smartphone, so long as LG can, “provide enough customer value.”

For 5G, we all know 2019 is going to be an important year. It’s already believed that Samsung is working to launch a 5G-ready smart device (possibly a Galaxy S10 variant), so it’s fitting that LG would intend to do the same. Back in August, it was announced that LG was working with Sprint on this very thing for early 2019, then this week, Sprint mentioned it would look quite unique.

Speaking about his own company, Hwang stated, “We have been preparing for 5G products in the first half of next year for a long time. There are only two or three companies that can respond properly to 5G at present.” Continuing he said, “If we work on a long-term [5G product] I have confidence.

Interestingly, a brief discussion over a potential folding device also popped up. Hwang said to reporters, “We are working hard with our partners on various obstacles that can occur while folding. We will release it at a time when we can provide enough customer value rather than releasing it for the first time in the world.”

This statement somewhat goes against years of mobile OEM actions. From our viewpoint as consumers, it tends to always be about being first to market with the latest innovation, but here, LG says they would rather have a product that actually does something useful. We can get behind that. We’re still waiting to be sold on the concept of a foldable phone, but if there are more players in the game, it could become interesting.

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