Now Anyone Can Sign-Up for Verizon’s Visible Phone Service, so Long as You Have an iPhone

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Visible, the Verizon-owned app-based phone service, has ditched its invite system. Before this, you’d need an invite code from an existing Visible customer to get access to the service, but now, “anyone can sign-up for the service.” Unfortunate for Android users, what Visible means by “anyone” is actually anyone with an iPhone.

This is decent news for iPhone users. Visible offers a single, $40/month unlimited plan running on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. This includes unlimited text, talk, and data. Just note, your data is limited to 5Mbps at all times.

Much like Project Fi from Google, everything about Visible is ran through an app on your phone. Once you sign-up, you’ll receive a Visible SIM card, then you’ll manage the entirety of your account via the Visible app.

Here is what’s new with Visible.

  • While Visible is still in early access, as of last week, the invite codes are now gone which means anyone can sign-up for the service.
  • Since their official release in May, the hotspot feature has been added to the platform.

Visible claims they are bringing Android compatibility at some point, so when/if that does happen, we’ll let you know.

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