Essential has Discussed a Phone Trade-in Program for Its Next Device ๐Ÿ˜Ž

Essential Phone

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Essential Phone 2 confirmed…probably not.

I want an Essential Phone 2, probably more than anyone. You guys are well aware of that. Today, Essential left the door open for such a sequel during their monthly AMA, and yeah, I’m (over)hyped. This entire post might also be a massive reach, but sometimes that’s where we start when trying to make dreams come true.

The Essential team was asked today if they would consider a trade-in program should they introduce a new device as a way to reward loyal customers. Their response?

Thanks for the suggestion! It’s something we’ve definitely discussed.

Wait. A company who supposedly isn’t making a new phone and was trying to sell itself off, is discussing a trade-in program for the new phone they supposedly weren’t making? ๐Ÿค”

Of course, this could mean nothing (probably means nothing!)! It could be in reference to the home hub thing they are making or something else…be a new phone, dammit! Be the PH-2. Be the Essential Phone 2.

OK, I’m done.



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