YouTube Shutting Down YouTube Gaming App Next March

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In March, 2019, the YouTube Gaming app is going into retirement. Don’t be sad, though, as YouTube plans to focus its entire gaming effort into the regular YouTube app and web experience.

According to YouTube, 200 million people across the globe access gaming videos on the platform daily. Want another impressive stat? 50 billion hours of gaming content has been watched on YouTube in the last year alone. To help cater a special place for these gaming fans, YouTube is redoing its current landing. With this rolling out now, you’ll be met with the top streams currently taking place, a selection of games to watch, trending videos, plus more.

In an effort to help those who are new to content creation, YouTube is also creating a dedicated On the Rise section. This is where you’ll find creators who are just getting started, but show plenty of potential for the gaming community.

So yes, YouTube Gaming as an app is going away, but it’s bringing a better game viewing experience to the regular YouTube, which is just fine.

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