Play Crackables From OnePlus for Chance to Win Various Prizes, $30K Gaming Setup

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OnePlus announced Crackables this week, a mobile web-based game developed in collaboration with teams at Google and other various studios. The game is a puzzle or codebreaker game of sorts, designed specifically to challenge even the brightest among us. Should you win, though, you’ll be treated to a gaming setup estimated to be worth $30,000, but there are other prizes along the way.

I can’t tell you what the “crypto-puzzles” will be like, but we’ll know once the Challenge goes live at 5AM Pacific on September 18.

As for a story to go with the game, there seems to be an AI that is trapped and needs your help to escape. All I can tell is that it has a robotic female voice. I’m pretty terrible with puzzles and this game seems very involved, so I’ll leave it to you to play it for me.

To play, follow the link below via your mobile device. Sorry, PC players, this game is for mobile only.

Play Crackables



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