Video: OnePlus 6 Android Pie First Look!

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OnePlus released an open beta for Android 9 Pie this week to OnePlus 6 owners, so we figured we’d flash it and check it out.

If you ran the develop preview for Android P back when those were available, you’ll be very familiar with what OnePlus is offering here. There has been a UI overhaul, complete with circular system toggles in the notification pulldown, but most notably, OnePlus has baked in not only their own navigational gestures, but Google’s, too.

In the open beta changelog, OnePlus mentions an updated Gaming Mode, ability for Pie users to change up the UI’s theme, plus plenty more.

Downloading and installing this open beta on your own OnePlus 6 couldn’t be easier. Simply download the zip file, flash it from the System Updates menu, then reboot. OnePlus has complete instructions and links to download the beta here.

If you’re on the fence when it comes to messing with beta software, so long as you don’t absolutely need Google Pay working for mobile purchases, we say you should go for it. So far, the software is very smooth and we haven’t come across nearly as many bugs as we did during the developer preview phase.



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