Google’s Datally Picks Up Two New Data Saving Features

Google Datally Features

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Google’s Datally, app that wants to help you better match your data plan, grabbed an update today with two new features. The new additions help stop unwanted night time data usage and also store a little bit of your bucket on the side in case of emergencies.

That first feature I mentioned above is called Bedtime Mode. With Bedtime Mode, you can tell your phone to turn off all data usage at night. That way, you won’t have apps quietly using up your data bucket as you snooze the night away. You can set bedtimes and wake up times to automatically make this happen.

The second feature is called Emergency Bank. As the name suggests, Datally will attempt to block access to your data bucket, once you hit an allowance, only leaving it there in case of emergencies. That sounds like something most would force their way past, but it still could help you manage your data plan better.

Or maybe you all have the ultimate unlimited plan and don’t need Datally.

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