Twitch Prime Will No Longer be Ad-Free

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Twitch announced a couple of major changes to the Twitch Prime program today that you are going to want to sit down for.

Twitch Prime, for those not familiar, is a program that allows Amazon Prime members to attach their accounts to Twitch in order to receive special benefits as they consume content. For one, you get a free subscription to a channel each month, free games, in-game loot, etc. But one of the biggest features was the ad-free experience across Twitch. One of the big changes announced today is the end of that universal ad-free Twitch Prime.

For new Twitch Prime members, the universal ad-free experience ends September 14. If you are already a monthly subscription member, you’ll still have ad-free viewing, but only until October 15. If you have an annual subscription or if you upgrade to one before September 14, you will get ad-free viewing until your next renewal date.

Of course, you can always sign-up for Twitch Turbo to gain ad-free viewing. You’ll also still see no ads when you use your free Twitch Prime subscription on individual channels who allow ad-free viewing.

If you want some good news, Twitch announced today that starting August 28, Prime members will get a $10 Amazon credit when pre-ordering select games. Once you get that credit, you can use it on almost anything that Amazon sells, not just games.

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