DEAL: NVIDIA’s New SHIELD TV “Smart Home Edition” Bundle With SmartThings Link Costs $199 for Limited Time

SHIELD TV SmartThings

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NVIDIA introduced a new SHIELD TV bundle this morning, the Smart Home Edition.

Inside, buyers will receive a standard SHIELD TV unit with SHIELD Remote, but also get a SmartThings Link. With a Link, you’ll be able to start setting up your smart home via SHIELD to control things like lights, door locks, and thermostats. You’ll also be able to receive alerts for motion in your house, set up routines, and connect who knows how many SmartThings-capable devices. Naturally, you’ll need to buy all of the products that allow for smart home control and the full list of them can be found here.

For pricing, the usual price for this Smart Home Edition is $219.99, but thanks to Best Buy’s anniversary sale, you can get it for $199. If you’re interested, now is the best time to snag it. At its usual $219.99 price, you aren’t really seeing any savings at all, considering a Link costs $39.99 by itself and a SHIELD TV starts at $179.99. Not only that, but Link seems to go on sale every now and then, so at $199 through Best Buy, that’s $20 in savings.

If you’re ready to SmartThings all the things, follow the links below.

Purchase Links: Best Buy ($199) | Amazon ($219) | NVIDIA ($219)



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