LG’s Latest ‘Signature Edition’ is a $1800 V35 ThinQ With Ceramic Body

V35 with Ceramic Body

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LG unveiled its latest Signature Edition handset, what’s essentially the most premium smartphone the company offers in any given year. Last year, LG’s Signature Edition was a beefed up V30, priced at about $1,800. This year, LG’s new top of the line special edition phone is a V35 ThinQ, but comes with a ceramic body that probably feels incredible to hold.

Set to publicly launch August 13 (some type of pre-order will be available starting today), the price for this Signature Edition isĀ 1,999,800 won, which again converts to just under $1,800. That’s a high price, but LG does give you quite the package here. Not only are you getting the ceramic phone with 6GB RAM, Snapdragon 845 processor, and 256GB of storage, but LG is also including $600+ worth of headphone goodness in the B&O Beoplay H9i. Full transparency, this headset is priced at $499.99 right now in the US, but when we’re talking this amount of money for a phone, who will bother splitting hairs on what the actual retail value of the headset is.

LG is limiting the device to just 300 units, which makes it extremely rare. I know I’ll never own one, but I sure would like to hold one in my hand. Nothing quite compares to the feel of ceramic, and we know that to be true thanks to companies like Essential and OnePlus who have both released smartphones with ceramic bodies. It feels so good.

$1,800 V35 ThinQ, anyone?

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