T-Mobile Introduces $5/Day International Pass With 512MB of LTE Data


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T-Mobile expanded on its international coverage today by adding another 70 countries to the list of places you can take your T-Mobile ONE plan without charge. In addition to the new countries, the Uncarrier is also adding a $5/day option that gets you out of 2G hell and into LTE data while you are out of the country.

Starting July 22, T-Mobile’s Simple Global feature expands to 210 total countries (up from 140). It’s still included in T-Mobile ONE plans at no charge and allows for unlimited texting and 2G data when abroad, as well as $0.25/min flat rate calling.

On August 1, the new $5/day international data passes will be available to improve your global experience. Once purchased through your account, you’ll be able to use 512MB of LTE data per day and take advantage of unlimited calling in Simple Global countries.

2G data, lol.

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