U12+ Not Saving HTC’s Sales, Slow Galaxy S9 Sales Hurt Samsung

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HTC and Samsung posted financials this week. While things are totally fine for Samsung, with the company detailing around $13 billion in operating profits for Q2, sales are in the crapper over at HTC.

Numbers wise for HTC, June sales are down 68%, its largest slump in more than two years. HTC says June sales fell to NT$2.2 billion ($72 million), from NT$6.9 billion a year ago and NT$2.45 billion in May.

We had hoped the U12+ would blow us away this year, but sadly, a single word sums up our thoughts on the device: Nope.

Overall, HTC’s stock has dropped nearly 30% this year so far.

For Samsung, the company would have liked to see better performance from the Galaxy S9. According to the company’s guidance numbers, Samsung will post 14.8 trillion won ($13.2 billion) in operating profit off 58 trillion won ($51.8 billion) in revenue for Q2, which would represent a 0.7% decline in sales and an 11% increase in profit year on year. Compared to just last quarter, where Samsung made 15.64 trillion won in profit from revenue of 60.56 trillion won, this latest quarter can be seen as a misstep.

This drop is due to slow Galaxy S9 sales, according to analysts. To give you an idea at just how poor S9 sales are, it’s reportedly sold the lowest of any flagship Samsung phone since the Galaxy S3.

Unlike HTC, Samsung can likely afford to not bring in as much money as expected every now and then. If you’re HTC, you’re already cutting 1,500 from your manufacturing workforce.

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