Report: LG V40 to Have Five Cameras, Presumably Three on Back and Two on Front

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According to a source of Android Police, the upcoming V40 from LG will feature a total of five cameras, presumably three on the backside of the phone and two on the front.

While it may seem shocking to hear that a phone will have five cameras, it’s not completely out of this world. Recently, Huawei launched the P20 Pro sporting four cameras, three on the back and one on the front, so LG’s jump to five isn’t completely insane.

From the source, AP has gathered that the two front facing cameras will include some sort of face unlocking capability. It’s unknown if both cameras will be used for a 3D-like face mapping effect or if only a single lens will be used for facial recognition. On the back, it sounds like LG will incorporate its┬ástandard wide lens, an ultrawide lens, plus another lens with unknown capabilities. Maybe a zoom? Maybe something else? We don’t know quite yet, but if LG is going Huawei’s route, it could be a monochrome shooter or have a crazy-high megapixel count. The P20 Pro has a 40MP camera onboard.

The source didn’t stop at just cameras, though. They also mentioned the V40 will have a top display notch, just like the LG G7, plus a design that, “resembles an up-scaled G7.” I guess that’s supposed to mean more glass and more metal? Other details include a Snapdragon 845 processor, Quad DAC, and dedicated Google Assistant button.

Five cameras, eh? I’m down! How about you? Awesome or overkill for a smartphone?

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