Poll: Does a Phone With a Physical Keyboard Interest You?

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Blackberry Mobile announced pre-orders or something for its upcoming KEY2 phone this morning, which got me back on my hater high-chair asking, “Wait, who wants a phone with a physical keyboard?” And that of course led to this here poll, where you, fabulous tech reader, get to tell us that there are lots of people who do.

Because I’m still not sure why this phone exists. Sure, there are a handful of tech journos and YouTubers who want you to believe that the KEYone was their “daily driver” last year, which the faux excitement in unboxings of this new KEY2 is again trying to relay on. The nostalgia isn’t really that, but more, “Hey, this thing is different, so let’s give it some positive play!” Some will tell you that they were oh-so-looking-forward to this KEY2 as it improves on gripes from a year ago, but this is all for nothing. You won’t buy this phone because it’s 2018.

Phones with keyboards are a niche thing – a shrinking, dying, shriveling one at that. They died because screens are more fun, more efficient, and bring more value. Virtual keyboards are faster, flexible, and actually innovative. When I buy a phone that hasn’t been reduced to a miniature screen because of an unnecessary physical hardware addition that rightfully took a hike 8 years ago, I get bigger video, more immersive gaming, and more bang for my buck.

Speaking of cash, the Blackberry KEY2 costs $650 (lol).

So tell me, are you interested in phones with a physical keyboard?

Does a Phone With a Physical Keyboard Interest You?

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